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Adventures in Rookie Rigging

For those who don't know the Crossing Lines team very well, I'm definitely the rookie of the group.  My addiction to slacklining started just a little over a year ago, but most of my decisions around the sport were made around the potential to

Move Copenhagen

In June I packed up my apartment and caught a flight to Denmark with a one-way ticket. I had been invited to teach slacklining workshops at a festival in Denmark called Move Copenhagen and had friends in the area from the Turkey Highlining Carnival.

It’s possible. Emkan dare.

"Emkan dare" was one of the first phrases I learned in Farsi, "It is possible." This was coupled with "It is beautiful, isn't it?" and "That's strange" along with "left" and "right" and various other more practical words. Technically, the first

Walking towards the same goal

It's often bothered me when I hear people refer to the region somewhere between Africa, Europe, and China as "the Middle East" as if it is one homogeneous country. To be fair, I suppose we say similar things about Europe and the United States. But


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